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John Mee

Senior Software Engineer currently proficient with Python; more than five years experience building APIs and websites with flask and django, amid esoteric projects. Full Stack competency from requirements to deployment and considerable experience with startups.


  • 5+ years Python experience, with Django and flask, and substantial experience creating APIs
  • 10+ years experience with backend development, web and traditional software engineering
  • Experienced with modern responsive site development and frontend workflows (HTML, CSS, SASS, LESS, Bootstrap, Foundation)
  • Experienced with modern javascript tools and pipes (jquery, nodejs, gulpjs, grunt, backbonejs, angularjs)
  • Excellent and thorough requirements gathering, analysis, and system design
  • Ability to make cautious estimates and achieve them; identify critical issues early and neutralize them
  • Excellent database analysis and design skills (postgresql, mysql)
  • 10+ years *NIX administration experience (debian, ubuntu, redhat, solaris, openbsd, rpi, OS X)
  • Experienced with cloud services (Amazon AWS, Heroku, Cloudflare)
  • Excellent English communication and teamwork skills
  • Ability to work autonomously and collaborate with creative and technical colleagues


  • Experienced with mentoring junior programmers; assigning and reviewing coding tasks
  • Experienced with minor PHP and Ruby tasks
  • A positive profile in the developer community; active on StackOverflow, Github, a technical blog, and occasional attendee at SyPy meets
  • Excellent understanding of git, continuous integration, and test automation
  • Familiar with popular tools: Redis, memcached, MQ, puppet/salt/chef/ansible, etc
  • Wealth of experience in startup environments

Qualifications and Awards

Bachelor of Applied Science (Computing)

University of Technology, Sydney, Australia
B.App.Sc (Computing)
With Distinction for:

  • Programming Principles
  • Technical and Professional Communication
  • Computer Graphics

Master of Information Technology (Web Technologies)

Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia
M.I.T. (Web Technologies)
With High Distinction for:

  • Database Application Programming
  • Computer Networks
  • XML Technologies
  • Distributed Systems

Webby Awards Honoree

15th Annual Webby Awards Honoree (2011)

Technical Testing

International Knowledge Management (IKM) Python Developer Test Results - 24 May 2012 - 87/100 solutions and commentary

“John was a thoroughly enjoyable fellow to work with and an invaluable source of skill and knowledge. He vigorously works his way to the core of each task, thus ensuring a well thought out and efficient solution. His many years of experience are obvious in what is the most beautiful and readable code I have ever seen. I hope to work with him again in the future.” Daniel Bradley - Staff Programmer - Copyright Agency Limited


Born in Sydney and enjoys a bachelor's life in Manly—NSW Australia.

Struggles to spend time away from keyboards so, when that does happen, it is ideally a physical exercise. Surfing Fairy Bower is the #1 choice or, when the swell is not running, a ride on two wheels— push or motor— will do. Running on the spot at the gym is a distant third. Enjoys a good read, good company, a franziskaner, a strategy game, one very special girl, a lamb roast, and believes in the existence of God. Has mastered, and cannot be separated from, a La Pavoni Lever.

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Job History

Capital Markets Cooperative Research Centre (CMCRC)
April 2016 →

Permanent role in a ten strong development team of this award winning financial research company.

  • Writing code to implement new features and fix bugs
  • Implementing strategies to ensure stability, seamless deployments, high performance and cost effectiveness
  • Monitoring and tuning our distributed computing environment
  • Scripting of operational processes to support continuous integration and deployment
  • Provisioning, configuration management and monitoring of IT systems

Python [Docker] [Postgresql] [node.js] [Webpack] AWS [JIRA] [Agile]

July 2013 → ∞

This longstanding hobby project gets a steady stream of donations and the occasional accolade. It finds and tags the biggest emails in anyone's gmail account, thus making it easy to stay within the size restraints of a free gmail account.

Responsibilities are everything from concept to implementation to maintenance, excepting user support, which is handled by my brother.

  • overcomes significant challenges with the throttling of access to the Gmail API
  • leverages Redis for queuing jobs, storing reports, and ensuring it forgets everything
  • scales up and down to accommodate periodic slashdot effects
  • invokes a very loosely coupled design to combat Google's whimsical policy and implementation shafts shifts

Python (Flask, GmailAPI), Redis, Heroku

Evolutionary Programming

Freelance – Nigel O'Neill
April → August 2013

Worked with a private individual to do the programming component of an IT Thesis on Evolutionary Programming: a program which builds a program (sic), with the ultimate goal of constructing a 3D model from a collection of 2D photographs.

  • learnt what evolutionary programming is and soaked up all the established literature and concepts about it
  • exchanged complex concepts with the client and created project plans, milestones, and delivery mechanisms
  • implemented significant customizations to [DEAP]; (effectively pushing it as far as it could go short of rewriting their core engine)
  • prepared and presented regular interactive demonstrations via a Python Notebook, fully documenting and explaining each step, and delivering working models at the conceptual level the client required
  • presented technical obstacles in understandable ways; devised solutions and laid them out with all the critical variables necessary for informed decisions

Python, Distributed Evolutionary Algorithms in Python (DEAP)


May 2013 → Feb 2016

Caradvice is an online motoring magazine:

  • significantly improved the overall uptime and stability, and reduced staff labor and stress levels, of CarAdvice proper by putting together constant monitoring and restart systems with Munin, Monit, and Pingdom
  • evaluated devops systems ansible, puppet, and chef for application to their systems (unsuitable)
  • provided bus factor support for that site (PHP, DNS, AmazonAWS, cloudflare, etc)

BestPrice was a startup delivering a marketplace of new car buyers to car dealers:

  • took full technical responsiblity for the Python/Django/Backbonejs website
  • fix bugs and provide 2nd technical support to internal staff
  • estimate and deliver new features to time and budget
  • provide detailed site usage reports to business management and sales staff
  • advise and deliver major pivots to the business model and operating structure
  • oversee final transition to straightforward lead generator
  • supervised a junior programmer, worked well with web designer, customer support, adops/sales staff, and business stakeholders

Lingered for a long time performing monthly site updates and essential maintenance tasks, as required.

Python, Django, MySQL, Backbone.js, Angular.js, Git, Bootstrap, Ubuntu

Copyright Agency Limited
February → April 2013

One month contract (extended twice).


Linz Backtesting

Stock Backtesting

Freelance—Gary Linz
2012 → 2013

Proofing a trading idea for an entrepreneurial gentleman; we went looking for strong long-term market correlations (eg: when oil goes up, what always goes down?). The brute force approach involved lots of multiprocessing via AmazonAWS and expanded to wrangling the vast data output into comprehensable imagery.

Python, AmazonAWS

Big News Network

2012 → 2013

Independent technical advisor and consultant to management for comparison against internal feedback.

Python (Scrapy), MySQL, Ubuntu

Bray Media International

2012 → 2013

Maintenance and enhancement of bespoke Python/Django Web Application.

Python (Django), MySQL, Ubuntu


Dolby Laboratories
February 2011 → October 2011

Dolby needed a Pythonista to support and rebuild an API they'd recently aquired and make ready for re-release as their primary business voice communications and conferencing system for British Telecom:

  • assumed sole technical resposiblity for the API component of the system, providing authorization and room tokens to client programs connecting and connected to the system
  • re-architeched and re-implemented the existing quick hack solution into a solid, elegant, for-the-future codebase affording management considerable confidence in reliability, security, and ability to scale
  • added new features, eg. the concept of seats, including fixed and variable numbers of them, and assignment of specific individuals to specific seats.
  • worked with formal Quality Assurance testing for load and regression
  • also maintained a PHP website for the Dolby Axon product, changing the payment model, appling new skins, and making other improvements to the registration system

Python, Django, MySQL, Perforce, PHP, Debian


February 2009 → February 2011

fervr was a facebook alternative for christian youth groups in Australia provided by the Sydney Anglican Diocese. Nationally it implemented a publishing platform of magazine-style content for adolescents, whilst locally it implemented cells of youth members aged 8-18 years, providing group home pages, group chats, group photo sharing, and event sharing with significant oversight and child protection measures.

  • assumed sole technical resposiblity for backend development and deployment
  • implemented all of the aforementioned features (publishing, chat, signup, photos, events, etc)
  • worked with a Systems administrator for operations and a frontend designer for presentation
  • worked with marketing for direction, promotion, and reporting
  • received recognition from webbyawards
  • added an online store for digital and physical products via Shopify and eWay


Also built several one-off event ticketing sites to take event bookings and handle the money:

  • autonomously architect, develop, deploy, and operate the complete ticketing solutions
  • implement features for early-bird specials, door-sales, ticket confirmation, accounting reports and more
  • successfully pull off the [LOUDEvent] at the Sydney Entertainment Centre (~20,000 tix) and several RICE events

Python, Django, Postgres, Ubuntu, Mercurial, BusinessCatalyst, Shopify


August 2008 → February 2009

Built an intranet application for a Brisbane road construction company to conduct employee performance reviews; set goals and review them periodically. Managers and employees complete their feedback separately, then come together to reveal and discuss past and future goals and performance measures.

Coldfusion, jQuery, javascript, HTML, CSS, SQLServer

January 2008

Created a windows app to automatically import inventory into ebay items using their API.

Visual Studio, C#, ebay API


Genworth Mortgage Insurance
January 2007 → December 2007

Participated in ValCentral, a ten man, twelve month project to deliver online real estate property valuations for Lenders Mortgage Insurance; essentially an inhouse startup.

Delivered expert knowledge converting the pilot project from Coldfusion to Java; documented and rewrote core features from Coldfusion into Java/Spring/Hibernate. Provided architectural foresight to discovered technical challenges.

Built a two-way data tranformation process to import incoming industry standard LIXI documents into the application data format and also the reverse process delivering LIXI documents via a public facing Webservices SOAP API.

Coldfusion, Java, Spring, Hibernate, XSLT, XML, Mule, sqlserver, Oracle

Perpetual Trustees
September 2006 → January 2007

Assisted in a massive data transformation/migration project to get all their client data off three legacy systems onto a shiny new one. Involved a complex process of abstracting data from each application model into common form then reshaping it to fit the new data model. And process ~30GB of it between COB friday and Monday morning!

XSLT, XML, C#, Sybase, sqlserver, XMLSpy

February 2006 → August 2006

Consulted on software engineering issues, leading to the introduction of fundamental tools: source control, issue tracking, technical documentation, and push button deployment, thus wrangling some 20Gb of haphazard code and data strewn over ten production servers and initiating processes for quality improvement. Educated and championed these tools to a self-taught development team.

Subversion, Trac, Coldfusion, SQLServer, VB.Net

Commonwealth Bank Rewards Scheme

Carlson Marketing

Carlson Marketing Group
November 2004 → December 2005

Maintained the Commonwealth Bank Awards website enabling loyalty customers to monitor their points and redeem for prizes. Involved the publishing of monthly marketing content. Completed a comprehensive security audit. Was experience with a very high traffic site and involved a lot of Quality Assurance Testing and meticulate construction of roll-forward and roll-back scripts with each release.

Coldfusion, SQLServer, bash, Solaris, HTML, CSS, Javascript

Sydney Sewing Supplies
Freelance—July 2004 → October 2004

  • a freshly minted and illustrated price catalogue–on demand–with pricing data directly from the current database, saving crazy printing expenses
  • a windows application for retailers to directly import catalogue and price updates to their Point-of-Sale, saving grief when they reorder

C#, sqlserver, XML, XSLT, XSLT-FOP, Dataflex, Slackware

October 2002 → January 2003

Created an intranet application for the sales manager to help his team track the progress of business leads, tenders, and bids as they worked their way through the sales cycle. Provided graphic reports and required a User Experience good enough for sales folk to actually use it.

Coldfusion, Oracle, Solaris


Roads and Traffic Authority
August 2001 → October 2002

Work which is still in use over a decade later! Built a system to capture and publish live and historical air quality data from the M5 air filtration stacks. Also fulfils court orders to notify independent parties the minute that any exceedence occurs.

Also built an Overtime Management intranet application enabling managers to tame overtime expenditure through an authorisation process (which proved suprisingly more policitally awkward and less exciting).

Perl, Coldfusion, Oracle, Debian, Solaris, HTML, CSS, Javascript

Good Business Technology

April 2001 → July 2001

Stepped in midstream to help a four-man team complete and deliver the web based front-end of's implementation of the Mobile Number Portability project. Thence retained for client, "Swich", to do ATM transaction reports to ATM machines leased out in random locations.

Coldfusion, Oracle

Vertical Markets
September 2000 → March 2001

Worked as part of a team converting an inhouse CMS into an online magazine publishing system for this seed-funded 'ebusiness portal' startup which, initially, was focused on the pharmaceuticals and medical industries. Also worked on a workflow system for the booking of training days and courses for client Raytheon.

Coldfusion and Spectra with Oracle and SQLServer, HTML

Daemon Consulting
June → September 2000

My stint with this highly regarded web consultancy involved working on some big clients: like trouble shooting-production application issues at TechPacific, finishing off the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) website, and particpating in an agricultural logistics startup at Anderson Consulting. My baptism-by-fire to tech exploitation (one might say).

Coldfusion, Spectra, SQLServer, HTML

The Intermedia Group
April → June 2000

Purchased their first hardware and built the network for a seed-funded startup building a marketplace for giftwares (like Etsy is today).

Coldfusion, SQLServer, HTML

Leonard Communications
September → December 1999

Built an index of private schools across Australia and published it at

Coldfusion, MS Access, HTML

“John would be an asset to any organisation.”
Russell Ayling - Technical Manager - Roads and Traffic Authority