Software Engineer: John Mee
Languages: Python (expert), Javascript (experienced), HTML (proficient), CSS (fair)
Qualifications: Computing Science Degree (UTS), Web Technologies - Master of IT (Macquarie)

EPAM @ Google (Sydney) – July 2017 to January 2019 (Python/Javascript)

  • Built a feature for the autoassigner which looks up the calendars of support agents and, according to declarable rules, reassigns critical tasks; improving task resolution times and reducing SLA violations.
  • Built a browser extension to monitor chats between agents and clients then suggest and inject predicted responses from a machine learning service; improving the quality of agent responses and reducing their workload.
  • Refactored the autoassigner and implemented a previously unanticipated combination of support agents and tasks (Enterprise Grade Support) for a new, third-party, customer support center in Mexico; improving the quality of service to high-value customers and reducing the workload of Google FTE agents.

Capital Markets Cooperative Research Centre (CMCRC) – April 2016 to June 2017 (Python/Javascript)

  • Built a CLI application to stream and decode data from AWS S3 into human readable text, enabling analysts to debug raw data and fix broken market data streams.
  • Built various new features and applied fixes to the “mqdashboard” web application, enabling market data analysts to better visualize market activity and assess the quality of trading markets internationally.
  • Championed, Implemented, and Tutored Jupyter notebooks to the market data analysts, enabling them to develop, or improve, their own market metrics; significantly improving their research capabilities and alleviating the bottleneck on programmer resources.

Anglican Diocese of Sydney (Youthworks) – Feb 2009 – Feb 2011 (Python/Django/Javascript)

  • Built a facebook alternative for Christian youth inclusive of features to create membership, join groups, have real-time chats, share and comment on photos, share events, create group homepages and articles; offering an alternative for Christian youth to more popular and better resourced commercial offerings (ie facebook)
  • Built a magazine-style publishing platform for journalistic articles to Christian youth enabling the editor to prepare and timed-release high quality content to best engage the target market
  • Built an event ticketing system to promote and sell tickets to a variety of Christian youth events including the “Loud” event at the Sydney Entertainment Center in 2010
  • Received an Honoree Award in the 15th Annual Webby Awards

Contract Employment:

  • Dolby Laboratories – Built a REST API to coordinate the clients of their entire business voice solution and enable the licensing of such to British Telecom (Python/Django/PHP - 9mths – 2011).
  • Genworth Mortgage Insurance – Built a conversion pipeline for residential property valuations to/from a proprietory LMI system enabling the import/export of valuations with external vendors (Java/Spring/Hibernate – 12mths - 2007)
  • Roads and Traffic Authority – Implemented the publication of Air Quality Monitoring data so the public could see real-time data of the air coming out of the ventilation stacks (perl); built a post-processing application enabling field surveyers to enhance the data captured by their TOPCON field survey instruments. (Coldfusion/Fortran/Perl)


FindBigMail (2015)

  • Rebuilt this online application which searches a gmail users’ inbox for those emails which take up the most space; enabling users to reclaim enough space to start receiving emails again after they breech their space restrictions. (python/heroku/redis/javascript/markdown/flask/gmail-api)


Alister Cordiner - Head of Product Development - Capital Markets CRC

“It was an absolute pleasure to work with John and he would be an asset to any software team. He was involved in some key architectural and technology choice investigations which we are still benefiting from today.”

Daniel Bradley - Staff Programmer - Copyright Agency Limited

“John was a thoroughly enjoyable fellow to work with and an invaluable source of skill and knowledge. He vigorously works his way to the core of each task, thus ensuring a well thought out and efficient solution. His many years of experience are obvious in what is the most beautiful and readable code I have ever seen. I hope to work with him again in the future.”

Russell Ayling - Technical Manager - Roads and Traffic Authority

“John would be an asset to any organisation.”

Commuting from: Manly NSW 2095 Citizenship: Australia

Keywords: Full Stack, Multi stack, python, javascript, node, sass, less, webpack, docker, agile, scrum, team player, git, jira, puppet, ansible, linux, debian, ubuntu, macos, postgresql, mysql, aws, google cloud