Software Engineer: John Mee

  • Bachelor of Computing Science (UTS 1991)
  • Master of Information Technology (Web Technologies) (Macquarie 2006)

Languages: Python, Javascript, etc.

Python (>10y)

Fitsense -> Zurich "Livewell" - Nov 2019 to present
- Serverless AWS Python Backend Engineer to a fitness app which aggregates data from all your wearables into a single activity score for rewards and leaderboards - 10-pax startup recently purchased by Zurich "Livewell"

Fairfax Media - April 2019 to July 2019 (3m)
- Contract to add "next video recommendations" via the Brightcove API with dockerized django.

EPAM @ Google (Sydney) – July 2017 to January 2019 (18m)
- Got very familiar with python mocking and testing, "protobuf" RPCs, and how they do code in a massive tech giant.
- Worked mostly on a python ticket assigning system and a javascript plugin.

Capital Markets Cooperative Research Centre (CMCRC) – April 2016 to June 2017 (1yr)
- Exposure to processing masses of data through Python dockers with Apache Spark/Mesos with scale.
- Looked after a charting Django/Javascript application for analyzing the resulting metrics.
- Learnt about packaging python, managing interdependencies, tox, and migrating from Python 2 to Python 3.

Evolutionary Programming (Freelance) - June 2015 to December 2015 (6m)
- Interesting academic project using an opensource python library (DEAP) to experiment with "Evolutionary Programming"; a variant of ML where code randomly 'evolves' and self evaluates, ultimately programming itself to solve the requirements.

CarAdvice (Freelance) May 2013 into 2015 (1-2yr)
- Worked on a Django web application for a startup within a startup ("Bestprice") which was eventually abandoned due to a flawed business model.
- devops (Ansible, AWS, PHP, mysql) for the core business of a car magazine served on aws and wordpress
- a serious road accident Nov 2013, put me in hospital and rehab; worked part-time or from home through 2015.

Dolby Laboratories Feb 2011 to Nov 2011 (10m)
- Learnt the Django Rest Framework and delivered an API which connects all the clients of their voice conferencing solution doing all the connection management like creating, joining, and leaving virtual rooms.

Anglican Diocese of Sydney (Youthworks) – Feb 2009 – Feb 2011 (2y)
- Learnt all about Python/Django by building a 'facebook' alternative targeted at Christian youths, which added a magazine style publishing platform, an event ticketing system, and webstore.
- Received an Honoree Award in the 15th Annual Webby Awards

Java/C#/Coldfusion/Perl/Fortran/Other (10y)
John graduated as a stereotypical 'computer kid' in 1991 and spent a couple of years in the industry doing Fortran, UNIX/C and Perl for the Roads and Traffic Authority and AMPOL after working the help desks. He then globetrotted extensively working itinerant jobs until 2000 (9y). In 2000, he started building data-backed websites with Adobe ColdFusion, spreading several years amongst a consulting house, two long-forgotten startups, and a big marketing company (Carlson) for CBA. He went back to Uni for a IT Masters and, via Genworth Financial, toyed with Java/Weblogic, then some C#.NET by freelance gigging and a contract with Perpetual Trustees (2y), before settling into Python. Feel free to ask about any of this time if it interests you.


Alister Cordiner - Head of Product Development - Capital Markets CRC

“It was an absolute pleasure to work with John and he would be an asset to any software team. He was involved in some key architectural and technology choice investigations which we are still benefiting from today.”

Daniel Bradley - Staff Programmer - Copyright Agency Limited

“John was a thoroughly enjoyable fellow to work with and an invaluable source of skill and knowledge. He vigorously works his way to the core of each task, thus ensuring a well thought out and efficient solution. His many years of experience are obvious in what is the most beautiful and readable code I have ever seen. I hope to work with him again in the future.”

Russell Ayling - Technical Manager - Roads and Traffic Authority

“John would be an asset to any organisation.”


Commuting from: Manly NSW 2095
Citizenship: Australia
Activities: Surfing, Sailing, Cycling


Keywords: Full Stack, Multi stack, python, javascript, node, sass, less, webpack, docker, agile, scrum, team player, git, jira, puppet, ansible, linux, debian, ubuntu, macos, postgresql, mysql, aws, google cloud, postgresql, linux